23 February 2011

Kid Conversations

The Conversation that occured in the back of my van on the way to AWANA was so funny that I had to call Aaron's mom and tell her. I thought I'd share the laugh with you too:

{boys one-upping each other about being in high shool or college}

Aaron: I'm going to live with my mommy Caden and Emerson are going to help meforever.


Aaron: Caden and Emerson are going to help me. Scott do you want to help me?

Scott: Help what?

Aaron: Take care of my mom and dad

Scott: Well, your dad might die [said so matter of factly]

Aaron [who's parents have run an assisted living and has seen older people die]: well, we'll just take care of my mom. And when she dies me, Emerson, Caden and you can just live together forever!

Scott: Well don't you want to get married and have kids?

Aaron: No. I hate kids.

End of that conversation and they moved on. Meanwhile I'm laughing out loud and grabbing for my phone so I could call Aaron's mom before I forgot the story. I love these kids!

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