08 February 2011

Cheese Heads

Don’t be confused. I’m no Green Bay fan. In fact, it’s been several years since I’ve paid any attention to NFL football. Quite honestly, the last Super Bowl that I even paid attention to was when Janet Jackson had her wardrobe malfunction. What year was that? Not to mislead you, I should share that I’ve been to and hosted several super bowl parties. I usually spend more time chatting and watching the commercials than I do the game. I’m actually a bit opinionated regarding the super bowl and pro sports in general, but I’ll keep that to myself for now. All that to say, I did show up at a Super Bowl party yesterday where most the people there were wearing Packer gear. It was a great game. Not because I watched it, but because I watched a friend who was so excited and texting while the Packers were stomping the Steelers. Then her fingers took a rest and her friend began texting back when the Steelers started making a come-back. Eventually the Packers made another run and the house shook with excitement as the fans were jumping around and yelling for their favorite football team.

Though I may have spent my evening hanging out with friends at a Super Bowl party, you wouldn’t catch me in a cheese Head. The kids had a blast with Troy’s cheese head:

Thanks to the Bishop Family for inviting us out. It’s been way to long since we’ve hung out with you. While our little ones are growing a little bigger, your kiddos are tall, handsome and a joy to be around! Hopefully we can get together again in the near future and catch up again.

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Lisa said...

Is that Sandy holding Judah? She's such a sweet lady - was one of my mom's hospice workers. She was such a comfort to our family during those last couple days.

Looks like the kids all had great fun trying on the cheese! :)