25 February 2011

Are you Kidding Mre!?!?

Needed to visit the SSA to get Judah a social security card. Like any wise person, I looked on the SSA website to find my nearest office. Go figure, the closest office is 85 miles away.

On Wednesday I decide I need to get my butt down there and get the card. I try calling to ask if I should do the card in his new name or his Ethiopian name. Each time I would get through the switchboard, the call would drop. Oh well, I knew what I needed. With Ryan's help, I gather all the necessary documents I needed. On Thursday, I dropped the kids off at daycare and headed down the road.

The 85 mile trip didn't seem so bad when I knew I could stop in at St*rb*cks and get coffee, stop at V*ctoria's and get some more undergarments, go to the special grocery store to grab wheat pancake mix for mom, and stop to grab those keens I really want.

While the SSA worker was entering Judah's information, we made a little small talk. I told her it was too bad that I had to drive 85 miles and wished they didn't have an office in the town 35 miles from my office. Then she dropped the surprise bomb and told me that they do have an office in the town 35 miles from me. Are you kidding me!?!?!?! I specifically looked on their website. After plugging in my zip, the nearest office was 85 miles away.

Still not too frustrated cause I had a few more things I wanted to do in the city.

Then the sweet worker also informed me that Homeland Security wouldn't approve the SS card. Because I was helpful and also told them that court was done and his legal name was changed, she entered it that way. No since in doing it in the old name and then having to get a new card, right? The problem was that his permanent resident card is in one name and she was entering a different name. Homeland Security didn't like that. So, she submitted some additional notes and suggested I call Homeland Security.

Seriously a bummer. But I kept my head up cause I was doing some shopping!

So back into town I go with my little agenda. First stop, OldN*vy where I grabbed a few clearance things before I headed inside the mall to VS's. Of course the items I wanted weren't on sale cause the ones I bought on Saturday were dicontinued colors and clearanced. No more discontinued colors. So I left VS's empty handed. Over to grab the shoes. I just can't buy the peach color even though it's totally trendy and cute. Walk out of there empty handed. Great on my checking account but not what I'd hoped for. I did grab a sub and a frappucino before heading out of town.

So, I drove 85 miles one way to not get the things I went down for. Great. I did learn though that there's a nearby office for my next trip, I did get a half day off of work, and a sugary coffee flavored drink. Oh bother.

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Mrs. Deem said...

Oh. I'm tense just reading this. Although...the time alone and the coffee just might be worth it.