26 February 2011

Where the REDFERN grows

I've told you about him before, but I wanted to share again. I took a glance at an old high school scrapbook for a certain picture of my 16 year old cousin when she was 2. When I ran across, these pics, I had to take a pic of them and load them.

This is Scott Redfern. He means the world to me. And so does his family. Scott Redfern was your average kid in many ways. And in other ways, he was more mature than some adults. Here's a few pics of my dear friend Scott who's life and death played an important role in my life.

Scott loved to mountain bike:

He was funny and enjoyed friends and Hume Lake:

He finally got to drive the Ranchero:

He was a good example to all of us:

These pictures go way back and some of the memories are fuzzy while others are perfectly clear. What a fun trip down memory lane!

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Bonnie said...

I am proud to be the mother of Scott Redfern ~ None of us had any idea that when Scott signed a decision card at Hume Lake to be "a tool for Christ ~ at any cost" it would mean "in life and in death."

Thanks for the memories, T ~ we love you too!

Hebrews 11:4b ~ ...Though he be dead, he still speaks.