09 February 2011

Haircuts all around

We're due for hair cuts around our house, apparently. Saturday I knew the kids wanted to watch cartoons. Since I'm a mom that doesn't like tv at all, I decided to bribe them with a cartoon. They had to get their hair cut and take a bath, WITHOUT whining. Because Sonic was coming on in 45 minutes, they also had to help me get done quickly if they wanted to watch a cartoon. The challenge was on and I must say that my boys did pretty good. Scott was done first and started playing in the bath. Then on to Judah while Bethany entertained herself in her room. Judah did great while I managed to leave the top longer but trim it some and blend it in with the sides. It reminded me of the days of fitting sheep as I trimmed Judah's tight curls and tried to keep them even on top. Soon enough both boys were in the bath flip-flopping around. Washed and rinsed, it was a mad rush to catch the last half of Sonic while momma showered.

I may have bribed my kids but at least I was successful.

That is, until my daughter decided to wonder into the bathroom and take scissors to her auburn colored curls. She came downstairs and told her momma that she wanted a haircut. It wasn't until I saw her holding the end of her hair in her fingers that I realized she had cut her hair. OH MY GOODNESS! Why is it that on Friday night our friends were here and acknowledged Bethany's beautiful hair and compared it to their daughters short hair that she'd cut on her own? And then the very next day my daughter does the same thing. Where does that come friend? Why did she think that was okay to do? It's not like I'd cut the boys hair for the first time on Saturday.

Thankfully, Bethany has layered curls. Since she's only had her hair trimmed once, the natural growing-out process gives her hair layers. Because she cut a chunk out of her hair where it would sit over her shoulder, it's not too obvious. Clearly you can see it if you know, but no so clearly if you don't know. However, when I went upstairs and saw the beautiful locks of hair on the floor, I wanted to cry. I was so sad for her jacked up hair. So sad that I might have to cut it all short to fix it. So sad that I left the scissors out. Oh, Bethany. I love you so much.

I'd warned Ryan about the haircut but left the locks on the floor for dramatic expression. It worked.

Ryan also made sure to express his opinion of Judah's haircut. He made fun of all my hard work. So, in a matter of 5 days all of us have gotten a haircut. Bethany wasn't supposed to but got a partial cut. Judah was the lucky one with two haircuts. The first on Saturday and the second on Sunday when I buzzed off the top of his head.

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