09 February 2011

boys will be boys

On the way to Awana tonight, the following conversation occurred:

Scott: mom, can I go to Aaron's college when I grow up?

me: It depends on what your interests are by that time Scott.

Aaron: I'm going to Luther!

me: Really Aaron, why do you want to go to Luther?

Aaron: Cause there's a walmart there!


Oh yes, you know you live in the rural country side when your kid looks forward to going to a certain college because there's a walmart nearby. Little do those 5 and 6 year olds know that there's probably a walmart near every university in the country... except our nearby Upper Iowa.

I love living here where the porch swing is frozen stiff, the snow is 2 feet deep, the windchill is 30 below and the nearest university doesn't have a neighboring walmart!

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