17 February 2011

(Don't miss last night's post about the Sweetheart Supper)

It was 40 degrees out when I came home tonight. You know what I do when it’s 40 degrees out? I don’t wear a coat. Thankfully my kid did wear coats (and snowpants) when they wanted to go outside and play in the snow tonight. Problem is, with the snow quickly disappearing, there’s a new phenomena at our house. Yes, you guessed that right: mud puddles. The kids left the house dry and warm and clean. They didn’t stay that way long.

Their boots were full of water, their socks were brown and their feet were COLD from the “snow” they were playing in. As you might imagine, the soggy clothes were stripped off outside and they were taken straight to the bath tub. Now, how’s that for a family fun evening! We completed it with a Veggie Tale movie complete with popcorn, carbonated sugary drinks called pop, and nutria-grain bars!


Lisa said...

Elijah was covered in mud and soaking wet when I picked him up from daycare yesterday (their outside time is around the time I pick him up). I stripped him down before letting him even get in the van, then carried him into the house. Yuck! Dad was here at the time, and said, "Welcome to boys!" with a nice teasing smile. :)

Kaylen would get dirty but not like this! Josephine would never even try - doesn't even really like to play in the clean snow much - just walks around.

Anonymous said...

Dirty, messy and loving it. There smiles tell it all. How precious!


Muhammad A. Ibrahim said...

wow! It seems that you had a really dirty evening :D
But you know, the smile on their face really worth to everything for them!


Congratulations on your blog is wonderful