23 November 2009

You're a Photographer if You Own a Camera

I attended the iblog conference two weekends ago. Haven't had a chance to write about what I learned there but I am trying to put it into practice.

One of the things I learned from Darcy at Graphically Designing was "you're a photographer if you own a camera!"

Saturday Scott and I enjoyed a beautiful fall day. We ran around outside, played on the swing set, chased each other through the pasture, ventured into (just a bit) the old barn, played hide and seek and generally had fun. When we went inside to check on my napping child, I grabbed my camera, my other kiddo and headed back outside. Wishing that I could take amazing photos, I started playing with my little camera and found myself flopped down on my belly shooting pictures up through the grass. Here's what I captured (with a little doctoring up on the computer later that night): this first one is a picture Scott took of an old pine tree in the pasture. Some don't like the electrical lines running across but that's life in rural america when you have a livestock barn beside the tree. Scott loves taking pictures and I really should just give him our old camera. He took a decent one of me that I might end up using in my next blog banner.

The rest of the pictures I took while we played around.


CORI said...

Wow! Those are some amazing photos!

Jody said...

You took amazing photos! Love the night sky pics at the end. Gorgeous.