27 November 2009

Things I learned shopping on Black Friday

I learned a few things this morning on my first ever Black Friday shopping adventure:
  1. Shopping in a rural town is much easier than shopping in the city.
  2. Shopping at a 24-hour store means you don't have to "camp out".
  3. Only shopping at one store seriously reduces your run-around time.

Okay, I shopped at only one store. One that is not my favorite store but my bank account seems to think so. Here's what I learned while shopping at our local wallyworld.
  1. In the 24-hour store, you can get there a little early and pick up the smaller items you want and just not check out until the official sale starts.
  2. It works best if you have two people teamed up together shopping. One can hold the cart and the other can weave in and out of the lines of customers to get what you want.
  3. Most of the big items (ie: flat screen TV's, powerwheel jeeps, etc) are "papered" items where they give you the paper, you pay for it at check out and then pull around to the tire and lube area and they load it for you.
  4. You should consider grabbing your smaller items before you wait in line to get the powerwheel jeep paper. Then again, you might want to get in line first. BUT, if you have an extra person, they can get in line for you while you pick up the smaller items.
  5. In the case you buy a big 'ol trampoline that they don't have as a papered item, and you have to manuever your oversized item in a cart through a line of people, you might want to pick that up last.
  6. If the powerwheel jeep is on major sale, make sure you pick up the one that's on sale.
  7. If you're getting smaller items, you might take your shopping bags with you instead of using a cart. It's much easier to get through the highway of people without a cart.
  8. And to wallyworld, I'd suggest you put that big and super heavy trampoline as a papered item so I don't have to lug it through your store. If you would have done that, I'm sure I would have spent more money manuevering through the store.

Overall, I had a great time. I met a few of the girls and Zach at 4am in town. We hustled up to Decorah meeting only car on the road which we passed cause we were women and a guy on a mission. Having been my virgin voyage with Black Friday shopping, there are definite things I'd do differently. I got some great deals this morning which means next year I should maybe wait and do some more of my shopping on Black Friday instead of two months prior. Dave would be proud of me doing that, and not of me buying twice as much. Next year I will also find me a shopping buddy so I can accomplish my mission with a little more ease! Considering I was back home by 630am and should be to work on time, I don't think I did too bad!

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Kristine said...

Way to go! Sounds like fun :)I got lucky... my father-in-law was in the mood to go to Toys R Us at midnight for me. And then when he didn't find quite the right thing, he got up early to go to Kmart today. I would NOT have been nearly as diligent as he was!