06 November 2009

Last night our small group finished going through Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I love and struggle with the last chapter.  What is God wanting with my life??? 
To love others?  yes. 
To give sacrificially?  yes.
To seek him?  definitely.
But how am I doing with all that?  I think I do well with those things but is it pleasing to God? Then there's a few others things that God expects of us...
To respect my husband.
To let no unedifying thing come out of my mouth.
To let your yes be yes and your no be no.
These are things I need to work on.  I'm so thankful to have a few people in my life who are willing to keep me accountable to that.  To question my motives in a loving matter.  I need that for sure!
I'm looking forward to the next study our small group does.  Thursday nights are tough for me cause by time it rolls around, I'm already tired from the week but I'm greatful that that time and group even exists.

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Lisa said...

Our small group meets on Thursdays too, and it really helps having it then, because although I'm tired by that time in the week, it also keeps my focused during the hard part of the week.

Kristine said...

We're doing Crazy Love, too! Good, good stuff.