13 November 2009

update to cori... and everyone else.

I don't get or take the time enough to keep up with some of my friends.  Today we did a little of that.  I got to learn about her new guy and she asked me about my kids.  I've been spending lots of time on adoption and don't share much about my kids.  I do spend time with them and still take some pictures, I just don't take the time to write or download my camera.  In light of that, I thought I'd share updates on each of my beautiful children as well as the high and low of yesterday since Cori asked (and I've already typed it):
Four words to describe Scott: Amazing memory (that counts for one word), compassionate, loves TV, demanding.  What do I think he'll be when he grows up?  I have no clue.  But I can say that at this point his little mind is developing so fast that he's going to be an intelligent thinker.  His mind is always working.  He can repeat children's songs he's heard once, can repeat whole children's books, and if you tell him a made-up bed time story and get the details off a little the next night when he asks you to repeat it, he'll let you know the correct details.  At the same time, he's compassionate and cares for others.  Sometimes too much.  He's protective of his sister, and concerned for his little friends.  He loves to give his money to God.  And though he has no concept of the value of coins or dollars yet, he's quickly learning to keep some of the money so he can buy something.  He loves, loves, loves to give hugs and kisses to us family members.  Particularly on the nose.  It's cute.  I think he's a miniature Ryan so far.  We have lots of work to do to continue to mold his little character.  He's learning patience and I'm trying to get him to understand that he can't demand me to do things. We're finally past the "if you don't give me a candy, then I won't eat my supper" type of attitude stage.  I haven't heard it lately so I'm hoping we're over that stage.  He's 4 and a big boy and he'll tell you that.  He still hates to poop which is drama non-stop and is a momma's boy.  We're also working on self-help skills like putting on his own shoes and coat.  I've done it for so long cause I'm in a hurry to get out the door that I've never made him do it.  He can but doesn't want to.  Meanwhile, Bethany has her shoes and coat on while we wait J  Finally, I think he has that down now that I'm not doing it for him. This morning he screamed at his crooked sock twice but finally got himself dressed and ready to go.


And a little about my sweet girl.  Bethany is a mini-me.  Not sure if that's a good thing or not.  She's loving but doesn't want to slow down long enough to snuggle.  She is INDEPENDENT.  She loves her daddy.  She's a smart little cookie too.  She likes to tell jokes "why did the banana go to the doctor?  Because he didn't peel good!".  She is strong willed – granted she doesn't get quite the training/discipline that Scott received simply because there's two kids now.  So, we're working on being more consistent with that.  Sometimes she's my girly girl and wants to wear a skirt and carry around her purse (she'll make anything into her purse if it has handles).  But she's not afraid of anything and quite the adventurous little thing.  She's loves other people but also knows how to play hard to get.  I have no clue what she'll be either.  I'm guessing that as long as we can nurture her in the right direction, she'll be whatever she wants and there will be no stopping her!  She's usually a content little thing and in the mornings when she wakes up (she recently decided she wanted to sleep in her crib again mostly because she wants to pick at Scott who likes to sleep with her) she sings to herself and entertains herself until I get upstairs to get her.  She's my precious crazy-haired little girl.


Hi and low of yesterday.  Funny question.  We ask this a lot at bible study as our ice-breaker.  Last nights high was probably visiting with my friend Jamey who watched my kids when my other sitter couldn't.  Jamey is a sweet girl who's laid back and simple.  She wears cowboy boots which I love and doesn't care if her jeans are tucked in.  She's simple like that and doesn't have to compete and be someone she's not.  So it was good to visit with her and real nice that she kept my kids and wouldn't let me pay her cause that's what friends do!  Low, not getting my voice mail on my new phone to work.  Because I'm on the vet clinic's plan, I don't have the power to make changes to my bill – apparently even if that simply means resetting my own voicemail password!

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CORI said...

Haha! Love the descriptions. Thanks for the update!