09 November 2009

I love nice weather!

This past week has been unseasonably warm.  About 20 degrees warmer than normal and I love it!  The local farmers love it too now that their crops are finally drying down and they can get in the field to harvest.  What a strange year for that... but I'm not talking work here...
This picture is no indication of our weekend but I wanted to share it.  A few weeks ago we joined up with some friends at their local diner (aka bowling alley) and played a game of bowling.  My kids know how to bowl thanks to the Wii.  Only holding a 8# ball is a little different than holding their Wii controller.  The two really enjoyed keeping score with us.  Bethany doodled and Scott wrote the scores in mostly in the correct spots.  He's not used to writing that small and did pretty good for a 4 year old.  This picture shows their sibling rivalry in wanting control.
We were busy little B's this weekend!!!!  Saturday Ryan and his dad spent the day installing the components of the outdoor wood furnace.  Who knew that our basement was 2 foot thick stone behind the concrete blocks???  Ryan sure got annoyed with digging a hole through that real quick!  The kids and I kept busy with numerous tasks that we made into fun. Scott helped fold clothes much to his dislike initially but he had fun doing it by the end.  Then since it was 60+ degrees outside, we played outside barefoot in the sandbox, picked carrots and a few gourds from the garden, cleaned out and washed the van (this was Scott's favorite thing to do and he's so proud of our "sparkly new van"), and went to the Chili Bowl (a fall festival of sorts) out at the school where they jumped in the bounce house instead of eating supper.  We got home in time to bathe the kids and get the sand out of their hair while Ryan sat for a few minutes after his 12 hour day in the basement working. 
Sunday mornings are always filled with church activities.  It was our second week of children's church in which our kids don't participate.  We believe in teaching our kids to sit still when they need to and to listen while the pastor shares the message.  Of course they don't get it right away but they are pretty good at sitting still and who knows when they'll start comprehending what the pastor shares.  Though we're sacrificing a little of our time to focus and an opportunity for them to learn at their level, we feel that preparing them for their future is also important.  And because of that, outside of church we have to make sure they're getting those opportunities to learn about God's Word.
Anyway, Sunday afternoon we had a quick lunch and headed back outside while it was nice.  Ryan took Bethany to run "errands" and she was excited to go cause she heard that he was going to "aaron's".  They still had a fun bonding time and she came back with a monster cookie all over her face and shirt.  Scott and I took the carrot scraps and went for a walk to the neighbors horse pasture.  He fed the horse the carrots and then we walked into the nearby field to pick apples off it so we could feed the horse some more treats.  Scott developed an allergy to something out there (carrots, apples, horse, tall grass) because when he awoke from his nap later, his big puffy eyes got puffier and he got a taste of benadryl.  It was a lazy Sunday afternoon for the most part and a great time to hang out as a family!

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