09 June 2008

Do you know how to build an ark?

Way back when, there were some very important words spoken that we should consider today. God was talking to Noah and said something along these lines:
God said: Friend, I'm disgusted by the corrupt people on this earth. I'm about to destroy them with a flood. But Noah, I like you. Go build an ark.
And God gave Noah specific design criteria to build. It took him a long time and many people laughed while Noah did exactly what God had commanded him to do but the time came and God flooded the earth. Everything died except what was on ark with Noah and his family.

We've had a lot of rain lately. Rivers are raging, floods are as bad as they've been in the past and are expected to get worse. Lots of lakes and big bodies of water around these parts lately. Do you know how to build an ark? They're closing bridges left and right and Ryan just called to let me know that I should pay attention as I have to cross the Turkey River multiple times to get home. The good news is that God promised in His word that he would never again destroy all living things. As long as the earth remains there will be planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night. Whew, that's good to know. I think some people are getting worried around here!

To check out the full story, which is really interesting to read, click here to read a few pages of the bible (Genesis 7-9).


Jody said...

Thank God for that promise- because building an ark has been on my mind, too!

Meritt said...

Too funny! On the way home Sunday (driving through flooded highways) we were talking about Noah and the flood! LOL.

We were saying we could COMPLETELY see how the earth would be flooded with just 40 days and nights of rain.

CORI said...

I was just worrying how the rains are affecting you. At any point will the cancel work?

How funny that you mention the floods. Last night I was just watching the movie Evan Almighty. Funny movie with a good message. Much better (and more serious) then the original Bruce Almighty. Then again I do have heathen tendencies but I still think you would find the movie light hearted and funny.

jerelyn said...

I've heard of the flooding on the news...and all that RAIN! Send some our way, would ya? Ark...my guess is you should start with a whole lotta wood! :-)

Fantastagirl said...

We were talking about an ark at work today too. I think this weather is really getting to us - because we all stood outside when the sun finally came out for about 5 minutes.

Am sure you will be busy at work over the next few weeks will be sending a lot of great thoughts your way!

An Iowa Mom said...


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Ashley said...

Great post - thanks for sharing about how that story gave you hope that the rains and flooding would eventually stop!