18 June 2008

Give Me Words to Speak

I can hardly type at the moment but I wanted to share a quick prayer request. A young couple in our church had a baby at 24 weeks gestation. This little baby has been fighting for her life and is doing well for her situation. Weighing in at 2 lbs now, she's growing and beating the odds. With that said, its a continual fight and her kidneys are not so hot. So, we keep praying for her. Well to add to the stress of the parents, who have their baby in a hospital almost two hours away in a hospital, today they are sufferring a tragic loss. Daniel's dad was in a car accident and killed yesterday. My heart goes out to these people. I read the prayer chain email this morning and was flooded with emotion. I hardly even know this couple and my heart aches. I can't imagine how they would even be able to stand on their own two feet at this point. Please be praying for my new friends as they walk through this valley and try to keep the strength they need to travel to see and love on their baby.


CORI said...

Shortly after Dave and I got together, one of his nephews was born at about the same gestational age and wieght. I know that not every preemie story ends happily but now he is a rambunctious and lively 4 year old boy who is just as tall as his peers. It's so weird to look back at the pictures and compare the little boy to the alien life form in the incubator with tubes coming out every part of his body.

How sad to hear about the car crash. Wow. That is simply heart breaking to think what that poor family must be going through ;-(

Amy said...

I'm praying right now.

Ashley said...

:-( What's the latest?