17 June 2008

Mosquitos and other pests

i hate mosquitos. in fact, i despise any bugs that crawl on me when i least expect it. i have several mosquito bites recently and typically i'm not their favorite food.

on the same note, i was out playing with the kids on saturday. we were running around in the lawn and bouncing from the fort house thingy to the bucket of water to fish in to watering plants. it was a blast. while scott was fishing, i noticed a spider on his pant leg and called him over to get it off. only, it was a tick and not a spider. okay, i despise ticks. so much so that i'll avoid the timber at times because of them. but i got it off, squished its guts out and went on our merry way. fast forward to the next morning and ryan was giving the kids a bath. he pulled the kids out, let the water out and found a tick in the bath tub. a tick!!!! freaked me out. it was on my son, or at least on his clothes, all night. what if he gets sick?!?!?

needless to say that when we played outside sunday night, i was glad to let him run around with no pants on. that way, no ticks would be climbing up his leg without me seeing it on his bright white little legs. and i hardly sat bethany down at all because of it. and when i did, she had 7 or more ants on her within 1 minute. what the heck? i grabbed her up quick, brushed off the ants and hauled the kids inside. when inside, i pulled her diaper off to make sure none snuck down her crack. poor baby. she was fine, i was the one traumatized :)


jerelyn said...

yuck. yuck. and more yuck. i don't do bugs very well. and ticks are the WORST EVER!! i can't wait to get married so Mark can kill all the spiders and other little creatures i find around the house! hehe.

Meritt said...

Although I don't mind them like you do, I can say it's taken some 'getting used to' to come back to Iowa and all their insects!

I never had BUGS eat up my entire garden until I moved to Iowa. :)

Flies, gnats, mosquitoes, beetles, cucumber beetles, those little black picnic bugs that bite, ticks and more. They sure have a lot of bugs here! LOL.

Ashley said...

Ewwww!!! I don't even know why God made mosquitos. They are so annoying! I feel your pain!!