13 June 2008

A Simple Thank You

I called one of my producers [Alan] today to let him know that I needed a signature on a document before I could send an automatic payment. His wife answered the phone and informed me that he was out and to call his cell phone. I did just that, called a few others and then went to the kitchen to grab my lunch. Ready to sit down for a meal, the secretary informed me that I had a call. To my surprise it was Alan's wife. She called to thank me for all the assistance I give Alan. She went on to tell me that he's shared with her on multiple occasions how I've helped him, given him new insight, etc concerning his cattle grazing operation. She said that she understands we don't get thanked enough and wanted to pass along a little appreciation.

Needless to say, it made my day. There are certain farmers that I like to work with, some that make my job difficult and some that I avoid. As much as I like working with Alan, I often times feel like I can't feed his hunger for learning ways to improve his operation. So, it was nice to hear that, in doing my job, I've helped someone out. Sometimes, I feel like we get in a rut and do the bare minimum and do so with a sour attitude. This was the encouragement I needed after having a non-motivating day yesterday!

Thank you Lori for taking the time to make a difference in my day!

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Ashley said...

What a nice gesture and a great reminder to me to thank people more often!!! Like it did for you - it definitely can brighten someone's day!