12 June 2008

Broken Camera

So, my trusty little camera that goes every where with me has retired. Its very frustrating when I use it all the time. I love to capture fun moments, milestones with the kids or other things. A few weeks back the lense decided it wouldn't close all the way but still worked. And now, it closes even less but won't work. I guess one of the lenses moved around causing the blur and other problems. There have been multiple times recently when I've wanted the camera to capture something:
  • Bethany "army crawls" across the floor
  • Bethany tries to crawl but doesn't quite have it figured out
  • Bethany saying all kinds of things audibly and in sign language: please, more, eat, and thank you. Audibly, she says mama, daddy, dada, papa, grandpa, scott (without the "s"), DJ, etc.
  • Kisses from both of the kids
  • Flood Issues here in Northeast Iowa

1 comment:

Ashley said...

I hate when technology doesn't work the way it should BOO!!!!