05 June 2008

Busy... edited 6/6

Okay, so I'm just enjoying life... accomplishing a few things at work, playing with my kids, visiting with family and serving in my community. I don't have the time to write about a few things going on right now. I was going to paste an email that I sent to my friend Cori but I've since cleaned out my inbox and don't have it anymore. Shoot. Well, just know that we are good. And if Cori sends me the original email, I'll post it below.

In other news:

  1. My camera is broken. Do you think it would cost more to fix it than buy a new one? Its not even a year old!
  2. There has been a huge issue, which I'm not sure I've ever posted about. Telling you about it would really bring out my angry side, I would become a gossip and would get all worked up. Its been a 3.5 year ordeal already. God has really been teaching us patience. Well, I must report that finally the wheels have started to turn. Let's pray that they continue as it really does affect our livelihood.
  3. It feels like Tuesday but its really Thursday. Woo-hoo!
  4. Bethany is trying to crawl all over... yes my kids are slow movers. She's rolled around for a long time but she's now interested in crawling. She's pulling her self up on things too.
  5. Her vocubulary improves at an alarming rate. Peopl are always surprised that she less than a year old when they hear her say specific words and hear her jabber constantly. She's also learned a few animal noises and a few words in sign language. Atta girl. Oh, how I thank God for blessing us with her!
  6. Scott loves his sister dearly. He has funny conversations with her all the time in the car. He assures her that we will be to Grammy's soon, holds her hand, shares his snacks, etc. He's a talker too. The things he says are hilarious. "oh, just forget about it" as he covers his face. "imagine that" and many more... he's a funny kid.
  7. Last night Scott watered the flowers with me which means he drenched himself, soaked an iris that hadn't quite bloomed yet and played in the water/mud. I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with him.

edited to add what Cori so graciously sent me:

Here's what I've been up to lately-

  • Service Saturday is done
  • Trying to get done with the b-feeding. It's bittersweet and not so convenient!
  • Lost weight and am in pre-scott clothes but still can't get in those original wranglers. I think it’s the extra skin. I desperately need some new clothes that actually fit me
  • Lacking sleep on a regular basis with a little one that screams in the middle of the night but she did sleep the last two nights which was heaven.
  • Wanting the area program specialist position that Troy is leaving next week. Don't think I'll have a fighting chance. If it runs as an 11, I'm not eligible. Even at a 9/11, there will be stiff competition.
  • Wanting to run away to CA for a quick trip to hang out with friends and not take my kids or my husband. Do you think my family would kill me if I did that?
  • married for 5 years now. Wow.
  • Bethany's birthday is 4 weeks away and I have nothing done in her scrap book. In fact, I don't even have pictures ordered yet. Yikes. I think I'm going to do a combo party for her and Scott. They'll hate that when they're older but for now it just might have to work because our schedules are nutso
  • Today is a crappy weather day. I feel like I'm drugged on benadryl but didn't take any. I think its allergies.
  • watching a friends dog for a few weeks. It died on Sunday. It was a HORRIBLE phone call to make to the owner. Why does that happen when we were just trying to be helpful?
  • Still needing to get my thyroid and tailbone checked but I still don't like the doctors and feel like I've been off a lot lately.


Ashley said...

What's been going on for 3.5 years? Anything going on for that long that affects your livelihood must be a PAIN!!

Sorry to hear about your camer.:-( What happened? Can you take it back or write the company?

I think it is so cute how Scott cares for his sister. Love the stories.

Amy said...

Tammy, don't forget that God has made your pastures green right now! Life is always busy, and it seems like we are always waiting for something. But all in all it sounds like you are enjoying the here and now. Love on your kiddos, they grow up way too fast! Love you! BTW, when are you coming out this summer?

CORI said...

I just sent you the original email.

I like the new music choices in your side bar!

Fantastagirl said...

I am thinking that God knew what he was doing when he gave you Bethany and Scott! Scott sounds like a perfect big brother - it's so awesome to watch them grow up together!

jerelyn said...

Yay, you updated! I've been checking in EVERY DAY. :-) Your little guy sounds like a great big brother. I hope I get to meet him someday!

jerelyn said...

Yeah!! Come to California!! How about December 19th and stay through the 21st!?? :-)