28 May 2008

Attitude Adjustment

Well, to put it simply, my attitude sucked. Really, it was getting so negative that I'm sure my friends were trying to avoid me. I was negative about work and complaining a lot that I'd rather be home with my kids. I was complaining about my home, that I couldn't keep clean. I was constantly frustrated about something. And the worse part about it is that I would admit it but wasn't doing anything to change it. But today is a different day. I'm so thankful for Rhett who pointed it out to me indirectly after I bit his head off through an email conversation. I know where my joy comes from and I know what I need to keep my cup full. I wasn't doing it.

Now, things aren't perfect. I would still love to be home with my kids but also realize that I'm in this place for a reason. Ecclesiastes says that there is a time and a season for everything. And in this season, I'm going to choose to quit being so negative. And I might even agree to see the doctor about a possible problem that might be the cause of my constant state of exhaust.

Thanks to my friends, family and God who continue to love me even when I'm not so easy to love!


Meritt said...

Mine is going through a sucky stage right now... the last couple days have been quite low and depressing. Sigh.

But then again I've battled this for about 8 years now. :)

It will pass.

Meritt said...

(you were a good influence on me. Spent the day doing little but had Christian music playing and surfed Christian blogs and found a sense of peace.)


PS: Your Moms story? CRAZY! LOL. But then again I suppose I would have married at 15 if I could have. Ha.

I've love to hear more about that story some day!

Ashley said...

Believe me, it is quite normal to have a sucky attitude sometimes. I quite often find myself in the same situation! I do amire how vulnerable you are and transparent with what you write about. I learn from you! Love you friend...