12 May 2008

My plate is full

A few people have commented or emailed me about my lack of posts lately. I'm totally here but life is a whirl wind right now and my plate is so full. What have I been up to lately...

Food Finally
well we finally bought groceries so my child will have something more to eat than corn dogs. We even have Bethany eating some fruit. She loves real food and spits out the expensive crap you buy in the store. Saturday was spent preparing two weeks worth of meals.

My Saturday
Well, Ryan did the cooking while I slept in for a bit before working on my own projects. I finished up Bethany's quilt top that I started last year. Whoopie! Made a few cards for Mother's Day with Scott which took way longer than it should but that's okay. Did dishes while Ryan cooked and played with the kiddos. I would have liked to get my basement cleaned up so my father in law could have his trailer back but that didn't happen.

High School Reunion
I'm really looking forward to this. There are a few classmates that I keep in contact with but not many. I would love to see friends, hear about their families, etc. A few of us girls have been working hard to contact all our old classmates which has become increasingly difficult. We're hoping for an August reunion and that month is fast approaching. Ahh, lots to do with that.

Service Saturday
Our small group tries to do one service project a month. Nothing to pat our backs, in fact, we usually get more out of serving than they get out of being served. Anyway, one of our big projects didn't have someone to take the lead. I sat on my hands for a long while but I was afraid the project would get dropped and it was such a rewarding event last year so I raised my hand. As if I don't have enough other things going on in my life. The past few days have been busy but fun trying to get some details taken care of. Our group voted for a May 31 date... yeah just over 3 weeks to plan. Good thing my friends had already laid the foundation for the project. Our group has some fun connections so its actually fun to plan.

Aunt Janie
My Aunt Janie is here. Yup, she just got here after lunch today. I'm super excited about that. She'll be here for several weeks and I'd love to take every other day off while she's here. Unfortunately that won't work. Currently I haven't even picked time off to hang out with her but I hope to nail that down soon. I also would like to find someone to keep my kiddos a few days while she's here so that she and my mom can run around and do their thing without lugging kids around. Ick, I always dread asking others to keep my kids.

Oh yes, still doing that too. I enjoyed a few days in the field recently but now I'm back to my desk chair. Hating that at the moment and not so much because of work but rather because of that nagging tail bone. Ryan and I have talked and even prayed some about my work situation. I enjoy what I do but I'd rather be home with my kiddos... at least some of the time. I wish it was simple to figure out but unfortunately there are many strings attached to this one. Just finished a plan today that has taken way too much time. It had 95 waterways on it which is a ton of work but at least its done.

I've been exhausted lately. Serious friends, I'm just plain tired. I know one of my friends suggested having my thyroid checked but I'd rather think its just the simple fact that I'm going a hundred miles a minute. When I crash, I crash! I've had fussy kiddos the last few days and they've really shown me how much patience they require. Scott was whiny, didn't want to eat what he'd been given, wanted a hair cut, didn't want a haircut, that kind of thing. He had to be in my lap much of Sunday. Bethany is a trooper but she too has her issues. She continues to have a hard time being "regular" and even though I've explained to the doctor that we've tried suppositories, apple juice, watered down bottles, fruit, veggies, dark karo syrup and even a laxative, nothing works. Not even combinations of all those things. They don't get it. They go through the list and I tell them I've tried each thing and then they go through it again. HELLO, are you listening nurse? Tried it! So, that's frustrating. Plus she's raw in the diaper area and as soon as the diaper comes off, she starts to scratch. I've recently been sitting on the floor to change her and have to hold her arms down with my legs while I change her so she doesn't irritate her area even more. It's a fun task, especially when you're whipped. We've tried all kinds of things for that too, A&D ointment, plain vaseline, butt paste, etc. Tonight I'm going to try the L&D and bacitracin mixture again and see if that works. Grr.

Okay, I think that's it. I should upload a picture of the kiddos but I'm lazy right now so I won't. Off to the parlor I go...


Jody said...

I'm so bummed I couldn't join you last week for the Cubs game. Be sure to let me know next time you're in town!

And take a rest, girl! :)

CORI said...

Poor busy girl!

I can't wait to talk to you when you get a free moment (Ha! I laugh at the that).

I feel like I haven't talked to you in forever and I miss yooooouuuu.

Meritt said...

I wondered why you weren't posting! LOL. Good to know everything is just busy but alright. :)

Ashley said...

What are the dates you will be here?