02 May 2008

My Grandma is Famous

Yesterday my grandma had open heart surgery to replace a faulty valve. I didn't have a chance to talk to her before the surgery. In fact, I didn't even know where she was living or how to contact her. Yeah, I'm a bad grand daughter.

In years past I was actually really close with my grandma. She is an amazing woman and would give you the meal in front of her even if it meant her going hungry. She's a humble woman. She raised 8 children. She loved and respected my grandpa even after he past away. She opened her home and her kitchen to anyone who walked through the door. I have a deep respect for my grandma. But since I moved to Iowa, I've not had the opportunity to stop by once a week like I use to. I haven't taken the time to pick up the phone either. And we've drifted apart. But she is my grandma. I could have cried on Wednesday when I realized I didn't bring home the email from my aunt with my grandma's phone number.

What if the surgery doesn't go as planned? What if I never have a chance to say "adios". I planned to call her the night before her surgery to pray with her and tell her I love her. But the phone number was at my office, 25 miles down the road. I was home for the day and many times throughout the morning thought about my grandma and prayed for her. Finally I called my dad for an update. She was on bypass but still in surgery. It would be approximately an hour more. Later the phone rang, it was my dad. The valve was replaced, she was off bypass, everything went wonderfully! Thank you God! They still had to close up her checst, etc.

God, I know that if you know about every sparrow, you also know the number of hairs on my head and also know when my grandma will breathe her last breath. It is my prayer that she understand that she is a sinner, she deserves death but you conquered death and offer her eternity with you instead.

Oh, and the famous part... my Aunt Carol called me last night to give me an update. My Aunt Carol is a gem of a woman as well. Anyway, she gave me the update, shared the events of the past few days (which are super cool) and told me that they aired her surgery live to the medical students on one of the Univ. of CA campuses. My grandma was on TV, she's famous!

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Ashley said...

I'm glad everything went well! I wonder if she had the chance if she would watch her operation? That would be so weird to see what my own heart looks like!