25 February 2008

Where is He?

We're trying to teach Scott to give. He knows the phrase "give back to God what he gave us" and likes to put his offerring in the plate. However yesterday when I dug out some change for him to take to church while driving down the road, the following conversation occurred:

me: Scott, did you take any money out of your piggy bank to give to God?
S: nope
[knowing the answer, I'm already digging in my change dish]
me: here Scott, you can give this to God
S: who's God, mommy?
me: umm
[not knowing how to explain to a 2 year old, I think I just repeated the phrase mentioned above]

a few minutes later as we're getting to church:
s: where's God? I want to give him my money? Mommy, where's God at?
[again, not a clue what to say. who prepares you for these moments... what should I say?]

in church when the plate was passed, we dug out his change from his pocket and thankfully he didn't ask the question. Thank you God - wherever you were at that moment ;)


Fantastagirl said...

This is so hard to explain to kids... we went with:

God is not something that you can see, he is everywhere, in our hearts, and he is there to protect us and watch over us.

I think you need to say "give to the church" not to God...

Ashley said...

cute story!