13 February 2008

Letter from Red

I once was lost... but now I'm found! I may be well insulated but I have been freezing my plastic off. Fortunately, I didn't get lost in the snow drifts or shattered on the driveway. I've been chillin' in the cup holder of Dave's work truck. Today my twin joined me bright and early only he was nice and warm. I will be home tonight and am ready to be useful once again.

The travel mug

[Ryan and have become accustomed to hot chocolate each morning. We have several of the travel coffee mugs. I got two from an organization I'm in as a thank you. One is green and one is red. We also have two from a drug company rep that Ryan works with. I gave away my drug company one to a friend who needed one. So, we typically use the red and green ones. And because I like my hot chocolate with a different twist to it, we decided that I would use the red one and Ryan would use the green and we wouldn't get our cups mixed up. Well, good 'ol Red has been missing. Ryan was sure that I set it on the hood of my trunk and drove off and left it. I was sure that I hadn't because I would have seen it in my mirror when I backed out and I would have wondered that morning where my hot chocolate went when my hands were freezing. On Saturday I proved to Ryan that he was correct. I left a small diaper bag on the outside of the car and someone found it on our driveway and returned it. However, I did wonder what happened to it when I got to my destination but figured I left it by the door. So that solidified that I had to have lost the mug the same way. Only today, when I got in my bosses truck to head to a meeting, there was my red cup. Finally, I won't have to keep stealing Ryan's mugs each morning! Whew.]

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Ashley said...

red is back home! yay!