15 February 2008

Sweetheart Supper

I've been emailing with a friend about the Sweetheart supper and thought it would be fun to share what I wrote to her about the details of last night:

Thanks Diane. We, I think, were more blessed than the ladies. Because of the business of life, I had forgotten about the ladies until recently. Mom has taken on the food prep and other issues in the past but is busy as well. Ryan didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to minister to those ladies (reason #240 that I love him) so he asked our small group if they wanted to help me out. To be quite honest, I was a bit irritated because that then committed me to doing it. But now, I'm so thankful that he did (reason #241). We got invitations put together real quick and got them in the mail last minute. Of course, my generation wouldn't have worked so well with that turn around time on RSVP's but my ladies were wonderfully appreciative of the invitation and called right away. Anyway, we had help from most of our smaller small group and then Nick and Meg joined in the fun as well.

So, just because it was fun and I'm still excited about it, I'll share some details:
- Decided January 31st to do the Sweetheart Supper
- Tina (editor/owner of a local paper) and I designed invitation. I printed out invitations and Vanessa and I stuffed them and got them in the mail on Feb 9th.
- Had RSVP's by the 11th
- Sarah planned the meal (and nothing she cooks/bakes is simple) and had a grocery list to us on Tuesday night.
- Wed night at 7pm, Vanessa and I headed to Dtown for groceries. Dropped them off at Sarah's and was home by 11pm
- Thursday morning called the 12 that RSVP'd and changed the location due to threatening weather.
- Thursday Sarah and Kristy helped sarah assemble lasagnas. My mom cooked up the green beans.
- 430 pm I decorated while Ryan shoveled all the walk out front of the church. A very thoughtful couple heard what we were doing and donated a single rose with greenery and a vase for every lady. Vanessa brought those to the church.
- between 5 and 6 was stir crazy. We had lasagnas in 3 different locations, kids running around and not quite finished setting up when ladies started showing up 15 minutes early (so unlike my generation). Nick and Chris were chauffers.
- The meal was served, the ladies loved it. Nick was a hit with the ladies. Spenser (he's 9 by the way) was a great server and helped the ladies out the door, etc. The kitchen crew had dishes done, dried, put away while I gabbed with the ladies and dealt with a fussy child who, for a while, was only content if she was latched on.

We were able to invite more ladies this year (this is my 3rd year doing a meal for those older ladies who have either never married or are widowed) as those involved knew more ladies than mom and I know. We were quite blessed. I had several emails this morning from folks who helped. The S's who are experiencing bible study, God in general, and now serving others and doing so in partnership with their son, were very excited about last night. Nick was the ladies man but he and Meg thought it was heart warming. Ryan and I were glad to have many hands to help. I think we're all excited to see how we can serve next time!


Jody said...

That is such a great idea! I can't imagine how loved those ladies feel being remembered by you & your friends.

Ashley said...

what a nice thing to do!