07 February 2008

Reason #237 that I love Marriott

I had a reservation to stay at one of my favorite Marriott Hotels recently. I made the reservation for Wednesday night as I planned on scrapping with Jody and then attending a meeting in our state office. Then Tuesday night we got gobs of snow. I enjoyed a day home with my kiddos and cancelled plans to the capitol city. All day I kept telling myself that I needed to call Thursday to cancel my hotel reservations. Only, this morning while showering, I realized that I should have called yesterday. I instantly freaked out and then settled down realizing that I would just have to pay the fee for not cancelling. However, I called this morning and explained that I was confused on the date. After being on hold for two minutes, the Marriott employee let me know that she would cancel my reservation with no fee. Thank you Marriott, you will definitely keep my business.


Kristine said...

Sorry you missed a fun evening! Man, I could do for a night like that!

jerelyn said...

Wow! So understanding! :-)

Ashley said...