11 February 2008


1. Today is day #4 of Scott's cold. No fun.
2. Saturday us girls (MIL, mom, bethany and I) had a girls afternoon out. Quilt show at the conservation center. Bethany was curious about quilt colors and animals.
3. The Sweetheart Supper is just around the corner. We have invited 29 women. I'm glad my small group offerred to help. My last planned activity for a bit.
4. Ryan had truck drama this weekend. It was zero degrees outside and the wind was howling like mad (we live on the top of a hill and always have wind). He was out changing a tire. His spare was frozen up underneath, etc. I offerred to help but was told to stay inside where it was warm. I made him hot chocolate and was COLD just standing outside long enough to put the hot chocolate in his truck.
5. No church for me Sunday. It was -40 with the wind chill. If something were to happen, it would be very difficult to keep them warm. We stayed home.
6. This week is going to fly by.


Fantastagirl said...

I think it was a good choice to stay home on Sunday - it was just plain nasty out there... much too cold to go anywhere with the little ones.

jerelyn said...

Wow -40?? I would be happy with just a "32" now and again. Definitely a good choice to stay indoors with the kiddos.

CORI said...

-40!!! Holw cow! I can't even imagine that. Wow.

CORI said...

PS - I posted a weather update on my blog before I even saw that your temp was -40. Didn't want you to think I was rubbing today's 75 degree weather in your face ;-p
(Ok, now I'm rubbing).

Amy said...

I just got cold reading your blog! I just can't even imagine. Maybe I never will move from California!

Ashley said...

-40? is that possible? yikes!