04 February 2008

Snow = Chains

Where I grew up, if you were going to the snow [you had to drive there because it didn't snow in the valley], you put chains on your tires. The highway patrol would sit on the side of the road and if you didn't have chains, you turned around and went back home. But out here in the midwest, people don't do that. It was so odd to me at first. The only time you see chains is when you drive past the tractor thats out in the field feeding cattle. Some people have studded tired though but no chains. Odd!


Jody said...

We used chains when I was young but there's this great invention- snow tires! Or, even better, all weather radials! :)

jerelyn said...

I don't get the studded tires. Do they keep them on even when there's no snow? And what if there's snow one day, but not the next, but then it piles up again a few days later??? THEN WHAT DO YOU DO???? AHHHH...glad to be in CA, but wish I had a LITTLE snow. :-)

Ashley said...

totally thought the same hting when i lived in jersey!