15 February 2008

Letter to RC

Dear Contact, how could I lose you. I understand you don't like being in my eyes and I'm sorry that Wednesday was such a long day. You irritate me so bad, I'm not sure why I allow you to be part of my life. Wednesday night when I got home, my eyes were dry and when I slipped out your twin, LC came out just fine. But I couldn't find you. I looked and looked for you. Even had hubby down on the ground looking for you. I'm committed to you, even at 11pm. But you were no where to be found. Did you sneak out some time during the day? Do you run away that morning and never join me for the day? Sometimes you try that but I'm persistent and take you along. What happened to you? Yesterday I had to wear my glasses. Today I forgot my glasses and life at work is a blur.

Oh, so you think its funny my dearest RC. I think not. And the joke is on you. You're being replaced on Tuesday with another pair. You, my dear friend, are disposable and I didn't really like you're attitude anyway. I hope this next trial pair will be better looking!


Amy said...

Did that in Mexico one year...actually spent the whole week wearing only one contact, I was SO vain!

Ashley said...

annoyling little contact!