02 September 2012

It's not over yet...

It's been a good weekend.  The best part... it's not over yet.

Saturday was a work day.  Cleaning in the house in the morning and then outside in the garden.  I picked another 10 gallon buckets worth of tomatoes as well as some okra, some sugar snap peas, and some anaheim peppers.  I tilled the empty rows once taken up by onions, spread out some compost and begin tilling it in when I sheared a pin off the tiller and couldn't use it anymore.

My inlaws were here to help.  And help they were.  Thank you M&E!

The guys tilled up the bare ground around our summer garage project, rolled, seeded, spread some cover and got it ready to be watered.  They also managed to move some old hay bales, trim a tree and who knows what else.

By time we got supper, we were all filthy and hungry and ordering pizza was the only option.  TJ's is never a bad option when ordering out.  I bathed the 3 littles while waiting on our pizza order.  After supper, our eldest son jumped in the truck with his grandparents to make up for the summer over night trip we never got him to, and Pops headed down the road in the diesel.

I slept good last night!

Today was another good day.  We pawned off child #2 to the other set of grandparents after church.  It was just us and Judah.  We took him out for lunch for a special treat, including a big 'ol bowl of icecream.  While Ryan and Judah napped, I stopped by a friend's house and chatted for a while.  I love that family!  After nap time, we put up Bethany's netting over her princess bed (shh, she doesn't know yet) and then headed to town.  A quick stop at Grammy's to drop off clothes, grab a smooch from my girl and some freshly baked cookies and back to the clinic where Ryan and Judah were ready to head out for a bike ride.  Judah doesn't know how to ride without training wheels but I was sure he'd have it down in less than an hour if he had our sole focus of teaching him.  We did laps on the nicely concreted Hidden Valley Homes area where Judah was a little nervous, a lot dependent on those stupid training wheels, and a whole lot of tensed up.  He improved and was riding like a rockstar by time we left, albeit the training wheels were still on.  That wasn't enough so he and I jogged from there to town.  He's Ethiopian after all, and we're guessing running might run in his blood.  He jogged non-stop until we got to the fire department where Daddy met us and we jumped in the truck.  I'm sure he could have made it all the way to the clinic.

We got home as the sun was setting.  Not enough time to set up the sprinkler system but I tried anyway.  I should have waited until the morning.  Watering a hill side isn't easy.  I think I need sprinklers that sit 3 feet in the air so it can water better.  There's so much bare ground that I had 3 sprinklers running off two hoses.  After a bit of trying different options, I concluded that the waterhoses couldn't run through the garage even if we do have a floor drain in there.  Too many leaks in the hoses.  I checked a sprinkler and found a muddy mess.  So much for washing my running shoes last week.

In the house for a now cold piece of left over pizza.  It was still good.  The boys were playing wii, the two eldest are still gone and two of the girls just called to see if I'd be up for a movie night.  I need to hit the shower before I head over there :)

Tomorrow I have a lot to do.  Meal plan, grocery shop, pick up kids, can tomatoes.  I'm so glad there's another day in the weekend.  Ryan is even off tomorrow so that's a bigger bonus.  Now, I only hope his "on-call" hours are silent!!!

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