17 September 2012

Lazy Day

I love a lazy day.  Well, they're never really lazy days... there's always something going on!

Sunday after church, naps were required.  By everyone.  It was awesome!  After naps, the boys played on the trampoline with their daddy.  Bethany and I played with the baby kittens.  She loves her baby kittens, their momma and the other "baby" kitten we got a few weeks ago.  She talks to them in 3rd person saying "come to momma".  It's so sweet.  The picture above is my sweet thing showing off the 3 kittens.  I think they'll need to be finding new homes in a month or so... let me know if you want one.

Bethany and I also baked a batch of cookies.  While we baked, we had to have fancy juice in fancy glasses. My little farm girl has a love for the city and all things fancy.  Oh, be still my heart.  Will she want to be a city girl?

Saturday we had a friend over for the day.  She brought Alpine chicken for supper and we made the sides.  I'm such a rule breaker that I can't even manage to follow instructions in the kitchen.  While cooking noodles for a salad, I went outside a bit too long and the noodles burned.  Whoops.  Good thing I had more bags of ramen on hand!  While I was finishing up the sides for supper, Bethany was in the kitchen helping.  She likes to be in the kitchen helping.  She decided that we needed to serve the meal on fancy dishes.  We pulled out the china and the crystal and served the meal.  We even uncorked a bottle of wine (that I got for my birthday 6 months ago).  It was great having a friend to share the evening with... fancy or not.

Lately, we've been living life to the fullest here.  Trying to focus a little more time on the kids, trying to be a lot more respectful to my husband, working less hours, and enjoying life much more.

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