26 September 2012

Candy Comparison

Each day at lunch, Ryan puts two bite-sized candies in each of the kids' lunches.  Each day when they get off the bus, I hear that Judah has saved one of his candies for his sister and shared with her.  I think it's so sweet of him.  And I wonder if he knows that she also gets candies in her lunch.  Today, Judah didn't ride the bus as usual but still he saved one of his candies for his sister.  Such a sweet boy.

Meanwhile, I pick S & B up from the library after school where they got a few little candies as part of their project for the day.  B ate one in the van and had two left in her hand when we walked in the door.  She couldn't manage to share one with J because she claimed to only have one left.  Oh my word!  That girl may have a giving heart regarding Ethiopia, but not when it comes to sharing her candy with her Ethiopian-born brother!  Judah showed me the candy he saved for Bethany and I thanked him for his willingness to share but asked him to go ahead and eat it.  He did.

After Awana's, the Spark kids (S & B) get a little candy.  Scott was on the winning team and got two snack-sized candies.  He kindly shared one his candies with me even though he really wanted them both.

It's funny that all 3 of my kids had candy at one (or more) times throughout today.  Two of them had sharing hearts regarding their candy and one of them didn't.  I wonder how their kindness would change if it wasn't candy... maybe I should try it again later this week with some other item.

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