23 September 2012

Heart Warming

I spent most of the weekend at a women's retreat at a nearby camp.  I had a great time hanging out with friends, relaxing, and making new friends.  I was reminded of God's love and faithfulness.  It was refreshing.  I came home early this morning to a quiet house.  We quickly got ready and visited a nearby church for their 8am (yikes, that's early when you go to bed at 1am) service.  This church is partnering with a ministry in Ethiopia and the lady was here from Ethiopia to share.  That was so neat to hear about.  We spent the afternoon in Decorah.  Lunch with Ryan's parents, two of the kids went home with them while we took Judah to buy a wedding gift, grab groceries and buy a pair of pants for our ever growing boy!  Then over to Ryan's parents for a few hours where I napped and the kids had fun playing.

We got home right at bed time.  No showers.  Again.  Kids didn't make their lunch.  Al the groceries didn't even get put away.  It's a little crazy.  After all I was gone for the weekend and Ryan was home with 3 kidlets, has been sick himself, and one precious one didn't feel good all day yesterday.  You can imagine that our house isn't spotless.  I could have started into cleaning (after all, I did have a good nap), but when I saw this, I stopped.  I grabbed the camera to capture this:
She had climbed into my sleeping bag that was thrown in the floor with her bible in hand, snuggled up and was digging in.  "Bethany, what are you doing?" I asked.  Her sweet reply was "Oh, I'm just reading my books of the bible."

And that's it.  Pure preciousness.  I love it.  I love it even more that she can't even read yet though it won't be long now cause she's starting to sound out the words.  Atta girl Bethany.  Dig deep!

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Ingrid said...

Sweet! You are doing a good job raising her :-) And cool about Ethiopia!