05 September 2012

Bus Riding Blog?

Is this going to become a bus riding blog?  I assure you, it's not.

My dad drives bus.  I have a LOT of respect for him.  It's a big job with a lot of responsibility.  I'm thankful for our bus driver.  His name is Les.  I made a point to introduce myself to him on day 1.  My goal is for my kids to get home safely each day.  But I also want Les to know that we appreciate him and want to make his life a little easier.

Today when the bus showed up, I was waiting.  In fact, I'd been early.  As I greeted my children exiting the bus, Scott had a fully-flowin' bloody nose.  I ran back to the van for tissue for my son.  He dripped on the floor of the bus so I wanted to clean that up too.  Then I saw that my lovely little children had left the empty bag of their bus snack on the floor, along with some animal crackers, and 3/4 of an apple.  I don't have patience for waste.  Or lazy children.  They were fortunate that I do offer grace.  While I picked up the kids' litter, Les found a pool of blood from Scott.  Why didn't Scott say something?  Les felt bad.  I explained that he had a bloody nose earlier in the week and had likely picked at it.  I wasn't upset about the bloody nose.  I was annoyed with my littering children who don't bother to pipe up when one gets a bloody nose.  Les wouldn't let me clean it up, he said he'd take care of it at home.  I think Scott owes him a little "thank you" tomorrow.

So, day #2 on the bus wasn't much of an improvement over all.  I have over tired children in need of a snack.

On another note, it's warm in my house tonight.  I'm not motivated to be in the kitchen or any other room that  requires my attention right now.  Supper is being prepared and two of my kids are getting a quick rest.  This is a bit stressful and I'm ready for this new routine to be old hat for all of us.

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