24 August 2012

First Day of School

On a little mini-vacation for a few days and am thankful that I have some time to post pictures of the first day of school.

The night before when my kids should have been on a perfect schedule - showered, lunches made, read to, and tucked in bed, they were out swinging on the swing set.  Scott, who is normally not my outdoorsy kid found a toad with an owie leg.  He collected it in a jar, brought it inside, and gave me clear instructions to open the lid every two minutes to let it get fresh air.  It sat in a mason jar on my counter so that Scott could show it to his daddy.  Then, he insisted on creating a little habitat for it and putting it in his room over night.  As you might imagine, the next morning he insisted on taking it to school.  So, here's my eldest with the toad his proudly caught and created a habitat for:

Scott was also sure that he had to take a picture with our dog, who's currently under quarantine.  Not a worthy picture.  But this one sure is... it's my littles hanging out on the front porch taking pics with Daddy while momma showered.

Scott and his teacher.  We look forward to her challenging him and having high expectations.

Bethany and her teacher.  She is so excited to have her teacher.  Which is great because two weeks ago, Bethany was sure she was going to have the other teacher - the one that Scott had.  We look forward to a year of learning for Bethany too.
 Bethany, in true Bethany style, was adamant that she wear her new shirt to school.  That was after she was adamant that she wear it to bed last night.  She was so excited!  Momma doesn't normally let that happen but I didn't want to squash her excitement.  I had wished that I'd already found an idea on pinterest to make the regular 'ol baseball tee into something cute.

Judah doesn't start school until next week.  He needs all things to be fair or he shuts down and mopes.  But Judah had his final day at Grammy's daycare.  A special day it was.  He was greeted by his friend, Anna.  Later in the day, by request, Grammy made him chocolate chip cookies!
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