04 August 2012


Intentional parenting means less blogging.  Being bed-ridden because of my lovely lower back issue means I finally get to lay around and do nothing.  It allows me to watch the olympics and update my blog.

The last few months around our house have been different.  Busy, good, difficult, exhausting, and blessed.  A few of the things we've been up to lately include:

  • The 3 littles new love of impersonating wild animals thanks to Ralph Duren, the animal impersonator.
  • One sweet girl who has made multiple meals in for our family lately.  Yes, she's 5.  Ryan usually makes the kids' breakfast, he was gone, and Bethany took it upon herself.  If only I could have caught a picture of Bethany standing inside the refrigerator dragging bagels down off the shelf.
  • The building of a new garage requires Ryan's time almost nightly which then means I'm given the chance to become more comfortable in the kitchen :P
  • Garden, garden, and more garden.  It's twice the size of last year.  Some things are growing great, others have left plenty of room for improvement next year.  I dug 120+ onions last week and have canned several quarts of tomatoes already.  If I can get a hold of a tiller, I'd like to replant stuff again just to see if I can get a second season of crops.
  • The kids are big enough that they can play independently.  That can be good and bad.  I have to make a point to allow them to entertain themselves but still take the time to nurture and love on them.  That's sometimes hard to do after a full work day, time in the garden, prepping supper and dishes.
  • Scott has been earning money for a Spider Man book for quite some time.  He read the 100+ page book in a few short hours as soon as he got it.  He still loves to snuggle and he's heart broken if I don't specifically tuck him in at night.
  • My heart longs for Ethiopia but I haven't managed to pursue much recently in that arena.
  • A few months ago, Ryan and I started to pursue a waiting child.  My eyes were opened to the need and I raised my hand without considering a few things.  With many other projects impacting our finances and time, we decided to put a halt on adoption.
  • The drought that has impacted much of the midwest has not directly impacted us but does indirectly impact us because our neighbors, clients and friends are farmers.
  • Judah is growing in height and bulk.  He's a solid little boy, just like his siblings.  His smile is contagious and he's such a good little helper.  I still wish I knew what goes on in his little mind.
  • A guy backed into my van yesterday at the dollar general store.  He did little to no damage.  He came in and found me.  I so appreciate honest people, especially when it means putting him in a financial crunch.  The right thing is always the right thing.
Trying to simplify life hasn't come easy or quickly.  Nor do things come without a  price.  I have become the cup nazi at our house the kids MUST use their specific cups.  I have shopped the sale ads and we've eaten a LOT of chicken lately.  I have been slowly learning to say "no" which has been the hardest lesson for me but one that I pray proves fruitful for my family in the long run.  Besides that, we're up to the same 'ol, same 'ol and thank God for each new day He gives us!

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