05 August 2012

a few sights to see

B having tea with her buddy, Ryan.  They both have their favorite color in hand.

Celebrating birthday #7 for our oldest son, Scott.
He's smart, funny, thinks of others, and handsome.

It didn't turn this pic, but no worries, I cropped off the evidence of
child bearing years and only showed our smiles.

Bethany had the bright idea of making yogurt
parfaits for our family.  She was meticulous in
her prep work and layered yogurt, granola and
fresh peaches perfectly...

... then served them to everyone.  She can be precious!

Judah enjoys the parfait in the living room... when did I get
soft and let me kids start eating in the living room???

Summer fun.  Many evenings are spent on the trampling with
the sprinkler keeping them cool and giggling.

This isn't a great picture but I had to capture it anyway.  Just last
weekend we visited Ryan's Grandma B.  Here the kids are playing
with dinosaurs on what was Grandpa's bed.  Grandpa may be gone
but his memory lives on and is clearly seen in this photo with his
flag laying at the head of the bed.

Great Grandma with the wild 3.  She was amazed and kept telling
us how good of eaters they were.  We had breakfast for supper
and they ate like champs!

Judah and Great Grandma.  He took several pics with her
that were absolutely precious.

This little boy loves reading to his Great Grandma

This little girl is just a ham and wouldn't take a pic with her
Great Grandma at first.  I guilted her into it and then it went well.

One summer night after baths, Bethany donned
an old sorority t-shirt of mine and danced around
in it for quite some time posing for pictures.

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