13 August 2012


What to do with guests from Mexico City, a city of 18 million people, when they come visit you in rural Iowa...

First, you thank God, literally, that your friends are wonderful hosts and are fluent Spanish speakers.

Then you sit back and try to join in on some of the conversation and the fun.

In a whirlwind 3 days, the Pastor of the church we partner with in Mexico City, and his wife, came to visit us.  The excitement radiates from these people!  So, what did we do???  Or should I say, what did I get to participate with them in???

1. Checking out Fayette:
Victories, a walking tour of UIU, Pavo Blue coffee shop, and a local construction site
Me walking with Sara at UIU.

2. Lunch at the Irish Shanti
Pastor Jaime did manage to eat an entire jalapeno styled "Gunder Burger"

3. Check out a local farm:where they fed yearling horses grain out of their hands, snuggled baby kittens, bottled fed a baby calf, learned about canning tomatoes, and sat on the front porch of a beautiful farm house

Jaime and Sara pose with owner and gracious hostess: Lyneen.

4. Good 'ol fun:
A potluck, follwed by a campfire, s'mores and some singing

5. Take them to the SonQuest Rain Forest
It was Bible School week at our church and they jumped right in and participated.

I was right in my element this past week.  In more ways than one.

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