14 August 2012



He's my husband.  And the father to our children.  But not just any father.  He's a rock-star Daddy.  He has his children's hearts and they have his.  He has my heart too.  He's a visionary.  He's also Mr. Steady.  And he's smart.  Like really, really smart.

We've had a busy few weeks.  

A few weeks back when I was super iron deficient and had NO energy, he encouraged me to lay down and rest, even though our garden and home needed my attention.  He worked on the garage with the kids at his feet pounding nails in scraps of wood.  VBS and visitors from Mexico City last week required a lot of time and energy.  Ryan managed it all seamlessly and even made sure the kids had clean VBS shirts each morning.  This week I'm spending a few days, with very little notice, in central Iowa.  We still have a lot going on in our family this week.  He stayed home with Bethany and took her back to the doctor on Monday while dealing with one itchy little girl.  

I was bragging about him today.

I'm not trying to make him look perfect.  He's real.  He's not perfect.  But, he is AMAZING and I'm so thankful to be called his wife.  Not only did he take care of his girl, he also managed to get 3 kids registered for school.  

Honey, I'm so glad to partner with you in marriage, parenting, and life.  

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