28 February 2012


J and B are snuggled close on the couch coloring together. They're talking non-stop and swapping markers every 5-10 seconds. It's so sweet. While their continent of birth and shade of skin might be different, there is no denying that they are siblings.

On a different note, I met a guy today who asked me how old my kids are. When I said 6, 4, and 4, he got a puzzled look on his face. They're 7 months apart I exclaimed while watching his expression become increasingly more confused. Helping him understand, I said "my youngest is adopted".

Back to watching my little helpers color together... if you haven't read about my give-away, scroll down just a little bit more and check it out.

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Lisa said...

Ha! I get that puzzled look on faces every summer when people ask me how old my kids are. In a couple months they will be 9, 5, and 5. :) No, they aren't twins. Yes, the taller one is younger. No, they're not biological siblings. Fun to watch the wheels turn sometimes though.