05 February 2012

Happy 4th Birthday

One of my 3 kids shares my birthday month. Today is his birthday. He's 4.

When we arrived to Sunday School today, a certain proud big sister announced her brother's birthday. All the kids sang to him. Later when we got upstairs for church, they announced his birthday there too. This time when everyone sang to him, he became emotionless and limp. Wouldn't stand up or anything which is not my usual son. Either he was overwhelmed or mad... they get the same response.

Yesterday, we had a small family gathering to celebrate Judah's birthday. He had a super Judah cake designed my his 6 year old brother, Scott. With a nasty head cold, this momma didn't have a chance to make a super fun cake but I thought it was pretty sweet that Scott wanted to decorate it. Judah didn't seem to mind, as you can see by the picture below of him blowing out his candle:

We did our afternoon a little different than my "normal". Gifts first, then supper, then cake and ice-cream. What I really enjoyed about the night was when we went around the table and all shared the things we loved about Judah. There was plenty of love for a little boy who had a big smile on his face.

Happy Birthday son!

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Captain Murdock said...

Ahhhh ... happy birthday Judah! Love you little man!