27 February 2012

Give-Away Plus

I have another blog, did you know that? It's where I keep track of the comings and goings of our journey to Ethiopia... and back. Have you checked it out before? If not, click on over to it: www.journey4hope.blogspot.com.

On that blog, I have a tab/page about necklaces. Last night I added over 15 new items to that page. It's not just necklaces. There are baskets and cards too. When I was in Ethiopia, I had the privelege of bringing home some items that the FOVC widows made. So, those are for sale on my blog too. The proceeds of the necklaces go towards my next trip to Ethiopia. I'm tentatively planning to go in June. It will cost approximately $2900 to go and off-setting the cost is so helpful. The sales from the items made by the FOVC widows go directly back to them in Shanto, Ethiopia. There's even a few items made by FOVC's in-house artist. The proceeds of those sells also benefit FOVC directly. So, in case you didn't catch that, not all of the sales benefit me directly. For those that do benefit me, they're also benefiting the crops widows in Ethiopia who I will be training and encouraging.

So, head on over to my blog and check it out. You can enter the give-away or go directly to the necklace page and buy something. Thanks friends.

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