26 February 2012

Fish Fry Fun

The fish fry fun continued from my birthday. Granted, this was a little different. Okay, a lot different.

One of our favorite annual outtings is the Clermont Fire Department Fish Fry Fundraiser. Say that 5 times fast. Anyway, we had plans to eat with my parents and our Donlon friends at the fish fry and then head back to our house to finish off the evening with card games.

Do things ever go as perfectly planned?

Forty-five minutes before meal time, my husband called. He was out getting a load of wood and the tire on the trailer popped off the bead. Not too far from the Donlon's, he decided to nurse the trailer to their house. Somewhere down the road, a tire on the opposite came off the bead. Doh! Now 15 minutes before supper time, Ryan called to give me a heads up - he wasn't going to make dinner and neither was one of our Donlon friends. The two guys were going to take care of the trailer that was now pulled part way off the road onto the tiny shoulder. Forty-five minutes after that, my folks, one of the Donlon's, the kids, and I headed to the fish fry without the guys. The guys had a 3rd muskateer who got suckered into helping, continued to work on the trailer tire issue. If I heard all of the story correctly, the first set of tires didn't fit. Then they headed to a different farm 20 minutes away where the Donlon knew there was a trailer sitting down in the timber with tires off of it. Maybe this one would work. I'm sure they were tired, cold, and desperate at this point.

Meanwhile I was irritated that my evening plans weren't working out and not feeling super sorry for my husband. Forgive me God, I am a sinner.

The second set of trailer tires worked. They got the tires changed on the side of the road and Ryan took the truck and trailer to the Donlon's. We met up with them there. Instead of seeing my hubby freshly showered and ready for an evening of hanging out, the guys were cold, tired, hungry, and exhausted. It was 745pm, over 2 hours after we were supposed to meet up for a favorite annual event. We brewed the guys some hot chocolate and fed them take-out fried fish. Thank you D and T for all of your help!

It wasn't the night we had planned. My kids weren't home to be put to bed at a decent time so they got to watch movies while the adults played cards. It was fun. Papa, who says he can't play cards, spanked us. Though usually up for a challenge in games, did horribly. Next year, I hope things go a little better cause you bet we'll be ready for the fish fry!

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