20 February 2012

He was Scheming

Today was a normal holiday where I'm thankful to be home with the kids. I went through some old clothes of Bethany's to give to a friend, then planned meals & wrote a grocery list and headed North. On my way, I called my mother in law and asked her if she would meet me and the kids for lunch and hang out with them while I shopped by myself in the grocery store. It worked out perfectly... the kids got to see their grandma two days in a row, I shopped in peace and kept my sanity and we all went home happy.

This afte

rnoon my friend Sarah was coming over. I knew that she didn't expect my house in perfect order so I put away my groceries and then sat down to visit with her while the toothpaste was left piled on the stairs, the box of dye was in the bathroom floor, and yesterday's birthday cake was still sitting on the dining room table. Shortly after Sarah and I began beading, Ryan came home. A little while after that, our friends Nick and Meg stopped by.
I love when Nick and Meg randomly stopped by.

With alcohol-free mojitos in hand we poured a few glasses, the ladies continued our beading discussion while the guys were getting all set up to fry some fish. The place I was sitting in the nook had a great view of the end of our driveway. As I looked up, I saw another car pull in. Hmm... that's odd. And since it is my birthday, I jokingly asked Ryan: "honey, are we having a party tonight that you didn't tell me about???" Without pause, he said yes and continued with fish frying duties. Well, then.

One by one cars rounded the driveway, and friends made their way into my house. The panic of having friends in my not perfectly cleaned house at a not perfectly organized party began to settle. It was fu
n. Low key, loud, kids running around, too much food, and perfect. How sweet is my husband??? You don't have to answer, I already knew he was pretty special.

There were no formal pictures, no formal cake, a hodge-podge of food and a whole lot of fellowship. I loved it. And I'm so thankful that my friends will come into my house, help my husband prepare food, all while not caring one bit if I had things laying around the house, hadn't washed my hair today, and wasn't perfectly prepared for a party. So, thank you to my family and friends for loving me on this day that I celebrate and thank God for creating me.

And now when the house is quiet and Ryan begins putting kids to bed so I can read the many
birthday wishes on facebook, he found this sweet little boy crashed out on the living room floor. I guess in the craziness of our evening, I didn't get a chance to tell Ryan that the kids had no nap and needed to hit the sack early tonight... oops, there's always tomorrow.

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