13 May 2011

What a Joy

For several months Scott has asked me if I would come to school and have lunch with him. My heart ached as I imagined him being made fun of during lunch and wanting his momma to beat those other kids. Or at least to eat with him and keep them from their nasty remarks.

Fortunately, he wasn't being made fun of. After asking around, I found out that it's fairly common for parents to come to the school and have lunch with their kids. It worked out yesterday that I was able (and willing) to make the trip to Scott's school for lunch.

I showed up at the school and met him as he was coming in for recess. He was excited but not over-the-moon excited. Scott grabbed my hand and we walked together to the classroom. Because I didn't plan well enough in advance, I didn't have my own lunch. But I was happy to sit with my son at the table for his lunch. I even got scolded by a kindergartner for being in his seat. After scooting over, Scott and I enjoyed about 30 minutes together. It was great to see some of his friends that I know and meet some of the kids I don't know.

This momma was so glad I took the time.

My son was so glad his momma took the time. It was the first thing he told his daddy when he got off the bus! Thanks Scott for inviting momma to school. Maybe we can do this again. I wonder how old you will be when you decide you no longer want momma coming to have lunch with you.

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