10 May 2011


Lately, I've been more aware of how our culture belittles large families with the comment of "don't you know what causes that" and other similar comments. I've said stuff like that a million times to lots of different people. Not because I don't value large families, but because I think I'm funny. With my new awareness, I'm catching myself before I insert my foot into my mouth.

Well, today was the perfect opporunity and I thought before I spoke. Rare, I know.

At a area-wide staff meeting. Boss's boss talked about staff time and how there's been someone on maternity leave constantly since he's been here. He wasn't saying in it a bad way, it just came up in conversation about staff hours and being stretched too thin ALL the time. As the meeting closed, someone went up to boss's boss and told him that she was expecting in June. (Congrats to her BTW). A few minutes later we were on the road back to the area office and I was with boss's boss (his name is Dave) and 3 others. Somehow being spread too thin came up again. Me, being the joker that I am, tapped Dave on the shoulder and said "So, you wouldn't think it was funny if I told you I was expecting". He replied with a no. Relax friends, he would be totally supportive if I was. As I assured him that I wasn't, he replied with that comment I'm now aware of and said "if you said that you were, I'd reply with: don't you know what causes that?"

I laughed. I was aware. And since I'm so funny (at least I think I am), I replied with "well yeah, and it's a lot of fun!!!"

Dave's reply: T-M-I.

Sorry Dave. You started it. I ended that conversation real quick. :P

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Rick said...

It's washing your and Ryan's clothes together at the same time. I know.. ...I went to college