18 May 2011

The Best

  • I have the best dentist who cleans my teeth. Little secret is that I'm his favorite too. I happen to be his daughter in law. Only daughter in law.

  • I have the best friends. Taking us mushroom hunting. Letting us borrow tillers. Praying for us regularly. Lots of reasons and explanations can go here.

  • I have hte best mom. She keeps my kids so Ryan and I can go mushroom hunting. And when we come up with very few, she gives me hers!

  • I have the best husband who tills the garden, even though he's tired, after he's done mowing.

  • I have the best children who try to prove that wrong daily. Judah was perfect tonight. Scott, not so much. Bethany was normal.

I would love to be blogging. I would love to be cleaning my house. Actually, I'd love for my house to be clean. I would love to be tan and have a flat belly too though. Anyway, my point was that I'm reading a book on sustainable agriculture and my goal is to finish it this week. So, with tonight almost over, bible study tomorrow night, and graduation parties scattered this weekend, I better get to reading...

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