09 May 2011

Mother's Day

Stinkin' blogger. It won't upload the pics I want it to. Grr. I had it all written out in my head to match with the pictures I tried to upload twice. But, noooooo. Grr. Anyway, I'll share the text version and maybe add photos later that would be well worth checking out. They're on facebook if you know me there. Okay, here it is.

Saturday we celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and Ralph. Clouds in the sky but no rain. My throat was killing me when the day started but it improved with time. We headed to a local fishing spot where we had a picnic, followed by some fun on the swingset/slide mixed in with tossing and kicking around the football. Then we grabbed our fishing poles and headed over to the dock.

This was Judah's face when I pulled out a night crawler and asked him to open his mouth. When I assured him that I wasn't going to put it in his mouth, he opened wide and we got a few more pics.

When we had been out on the pond a while and I didn't feel like pedaling us around anymore, I asked Scott if he was ready to leave. He said "no, not until I catch a fish. I usually beat the pants off of Papa". That's my boy. Shortly after he did catch a nice bass and then we headed back to shore.

It was great to hang out with my immediately family and celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. She's an amazing woman and I'm so thankful for her.

On the actual Mother's Day, I didn't feel like celebrating much. My throat was hurting worse and not going away so easily. Ryan and I headed to different churches Sunday morning so I could pray with a friend during discipleship hour and he could honor his mom and grandma by going with them. I found a spot on the couch and didn't want to move. My throat got progressively worse throughout the day. It sucked. I didn't want to be a fun-hater but I didn't feel good. I wanted my hubby to ask how I was feeling but he didn't. I wanted to go home but didn't want to ruin the family fun. After all, it's not often that we all get together, Grandma included.

It became miserable to swallow. By this morning, it felt like my throat was swelling shut. I took the day off. Not what I like in a day off of work but I managed. A mid morning Doc appointment confirmed strep throat after I pushed the doc to swab my throat. It was pouring rain outside and I was soaked and cold. Layed on the couch the rest of the day, wincing in pain every time I had to swallow. By request, Ryan came home and made mac-n-cheese for lunch. I didn't move off the couch until 530pm. At which point the kids were on their 3rd viewing of Looney Tunes (driving me looney), it was hard to talk and I had a massive headache. About that time I took a second dose of antibiotic, some motrin and painfully ate a milkyway since I hadn't had much else to eat all day. This was so not how I wanted to trim up that belly that makes me look 6 months pregnant. But, hey, I'll take it. Something worked. I began being able to swallow without pain and able to talk. Still having hot and cold craziness with my body temp but at least I can move.

Thankful for meds and my hubby, and my ever-patient children. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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