26 May 2011


I know it's really confusing to some people.  I live in the country.  Between C and WU.  But our address is E, a third town.  And since Ryan works in E, we go to church in E, and our address is E, we call E our home town.  We do not call C home even though it's the closest town.  It's no surprise that some people refer to us as being from C.  It's a point of frustration for me.  So, if you're reading this, please know that I call E my home town (and still call Kingsburg my hometown because I grew up there).
Similarly, I love my full name.  My real name.  My given name.  But I also grew up with a nick-name.  It managed to follow me to Iowa even though I tried, a little, to go back to my full name.  After all, I heard my mom use my given name in combination with my middle name plenty while growing up!  Anyway, it's a point of confusion for people.  They know me by my nick-name.  They call me that.  I'm fine with that with my close friends.  But, I love the name my parents gave me.  So, any time I write my name, I write my full name.  When I introduce myself, I use my given name.  I prefer my given name.  But I'm okay with close friends using my nick-name.  And a few really close friends even shorten that.  When people who call me by my nickname write it out, it always gets spelled wrong.  Imagine that.  So, it's another point of frustration.  They did nothing wrong necessarily, I just like to see my name written out.
Pet peeves.  I have lots.  Like when people leave their trash on the counter. 
Thankfully my friends, no matter what they call me, love me!

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Semi-feral Mama said...

Hey Tamie, my trash is on my counter.
I remember you talking about this in Ethiopia. I remember your passion about the issue. I always try to remember how someone introduces themselves and call them the name they used. When we come this summer I think I will reintroduce your family to SAG as Jude, Scotie (or possibly Scooter), Bethie, Ry and we will call you Tam Tam.