11 May 2011

To Do List

Dare I start one? I'm sure it would be over 100 right now.

  1. Write kids letters for each day I'm gone.

  2. Fill out the "while we're gone" paperwork for those who will have our kids.

  3. pray for my widows, 10 guy farmers and 5 trainees whose names I don't know.

  4. Give my husband some lovin'

  5. Read to the kids

  6. Clean the stinkin' asian beetles out of the window sill again

  7. Think about packing

  8. Drink more coffee

  9. Drink less foo-foo coffee that is all calories and very little coffee.

  10. Prepare lessons for widows

  11. Finish "A Hole in Our Gospel"

  12. Finish "Sustainable Agriculture"

  13. Start reading "When Helping Hurts".

  14. Rescshedule dentist appointment

  15. Follow up with Doc about back

  16. Remember to take amox. 3x/day for 10 days total.

  17. Clean House

  18. No really, CLEAN house

  19. To my standards

  20. Keep up with dishes

  21. Pray against Satan (hello: back problem, different back problem, strep throat).

  22. Rest

  23. Hide God's word on my heart

  24. Say I'm sorry

  25. Schedule family pictures before we leave

  26. Write article for 2 work things regarding our trip to Et.

  27. Don't stress out about being swamped at work. It's normal.

  28. Update resume.

  29. Ask neighbors to take care of pets while gone.

  30. Purchase thank you gifts for Ethiopia.

  31. Purchase luggage for Et.

  32. Sweet talk Ryan into taking care of anti-malaria pills

  33. Eat Healthy.

  34. Soak up vitamin D.

  35. Go for a run... and feel good afterwards.

  36. Love my neighbors, even if they are mistreating the land by tearing out the trees.

  37. Serve Ryan with a joyful heart.

  38. Test drive J&J's flip camera.

  39. check to see if MK eye primer does it's job. It didn't last for 18 hours yesterday.

  40. Be thankful that though I'm vain I can go 18 hours without looking in a mirror.

  41. ...

There's more. This was my quick list. But it's time to check out pictures from the water party Ryan had before I got home from work. I love that he thought to invite friends over. I didn't love that I was hungry, it was late, and friends saw my house looking like a pit. Pictures will be good...

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