29 May 2011

We went on a little walk. I took the camera along. Today I heard Shane talking about God's attribute of being "beautiful". Shane's seminary professor summed beautiful up as "all things desirable". What a way to describe our God. Below are a few pictures of some of the beautiful people/things God has blessed us with:

Look at this beautiful smile.

our Judah.

our beauty queen.

can't get a "normal" shot from this girl. her candids are awesome. crazy hair and all.

no longer a kindergartner.

glad they have a sense of humor.

and this was the "serious" one.

I get this look all the time. ALL the time. This is BEtHANy

(she typed her own name and requested the purple font)

thanks big brother for helping.

i think the gloves helped her grip

little brother helped a bunch too.

I have to sweet talk them with a silly picture...in order to get a normal one
our beloved dog isn't normally so beloved. this is Scott shaking his fist at Harley and Harley running off looking ashamed.

this girl loves her new garden gloves. too bad i didn't get to dig in the garden with her yesterday. she carried around a pack of seeds and asked me multiple times to plan them.

Bethany: "no Harley!"


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